Monday, March 15, 2010

{brittany & brendan | e-session}

I am excited to share Brittany & Brendan’s 1940 modern twist themed engagement session. We started out around downtown and then headed to Union Station to wrap up the prefect setting for the 40’s theme.

Brittany & Brendan are a fun loving couple that like to joke around (a lot, lol), as you can see in the images below. We all had a blast playing around, tossing popcorn, dancing in the streets and just goofing off. We gave Brittany and Brendan their first practice at their first dance, which turned out to be a lot of spinning, lol.

As we walked around and goofed off, while capturing some amazing images, I got to know the wonderful Brittany and Brendan. Both are very sweet and make a wonderful couple, and they like to have a good time. I am really looking forward to spending their wedding day with them in July at Spanish Hills. I love Brittany’s attitude about photographs, she can’t get enough, just like me. Hopefully somewhere in the midst of the photos there will be a ceremony for the wedding day, jk, I think. Haha. I am very glad to have gotten to spend some time with you guys and hope you had as much fun as we did.

P.S. Don't forget to click on the images to view them larger. Enjoy
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  1. These are absolutely AMAZING!! Good thing the Deans are so good looking:)!!!! jk
    You both look amazing

    xoxo Sara

  2. Those pictures came out awesome!

    You guys look great! That is a really cool location!

    I like the whole retro thing you have going on.


  3. If I had to guess, I would say that my future mother-in-law and my mom cried when they saw the slide show. Anyone who knows them as well as I do would agree with me. :)

  4. Love the pic!!! Classic and Classy!!

  5. GREAT GREAT pictures!! You both look amazing!! Long time no see you guys...These are picture perfect!!

  6. These pictures are amazing!!!!! you both look so great!!!

  7. Great pics. You both look great!!!


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