Tuesday, June 29, 2010

{Boudoir Marathon | Event}


Sign up now for our August Boudoir Marathon

When: Saturday August 14
Where: A Chic Los Angeles based hotel

Session includes professional hair and make-up
1-hour session in hotel room
10 page Album with 10 of your best images
completely retouched.

email krista@kristamason.com or
call 310.569.1535 for more details
and to reserve your spot.

Limited sessions available.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

{alivia | portrait}

I can’t believe baby Alivia is already 9 months, it seems like just last month we were photographing her newborn session. This was one of my favorite sessions with Alivia. She had her mom and I cracking up with the faces she kept making, and she kept showing off her big baby belly, lol. Mom and I had fun trying to get Alivia to smile at us, but instead she played peek-a-boo with her dress and made some amusing faces. Nonetheless we had a great time and got some cute and funny images. See you guys in a few months for Livy’s 1 year session.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

{simple | portrait}

A few weeks back I photographed my good friend Simple. As a graphic designer Simple is a very talented artist herself. Simple decided that for her free session from our name change promotion she wanted to do a 40/50’s style. She had a very specific idea and pose in mind and plans to use the image for her personal website, http://www.plainsimple.me/. Her concept is to clip out the image and use it on her home page. Not only is Simple a talented designer, but a seamstress as well, she made her dress from scratch. Although she just does it on the side for herself and her swing performances, she has been considering making dresses for others. So if you are interested be sure to give her a call. Since the backdrop is going to be clipped out we decided to keep it easy and just photograph Simple in her courtyard. We had a blast and got some great images. Be sure to check out her site, click here, to see the final look.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{ines + manny | e-session}

I had the pleasure of photographing Ines and Manny for their engagement session on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Ines works in the fashion industry and Manny works in the music industry, so they decided Sunset would fit both their styles and personalities. Manny really wanted a shot in the middle of the street with the neon lights and cars driving by. I was super excited that they were up for that plus much more and the photos came out stunning. I+M are a super sweet and fun couple. Aldo and I had a blast photographing and spending time with I+M. We walked up and down Sunset and stopped at places that we found interesting. On our search for a place to grab dinner in-between, we found out how New Yorkers really drive. Manny is from New York and let me tell you the moves he pulled on Sunset would definitely get you a ticket maybe even arrested, lol. All in all we had a great time, great dinner and some awesome images. I know Ines and Manny have been patiently awaiting these images so without further delay here you guys go…

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Monday, June 14, 2010

{valerie + julio | wedding}

Valerie + Julio were married at Pickwick Gardens on May 22, 2010. V+J are very much in love and bliss! The images just give you a glimpse of the love between the adoring couple. I had such a great time with Valerie and Julio. They are a very sweet and relaxed couple and the joy and passion just radiates between them. The ceremony was charming in the beautiful setting at Pickwick Gardens. Valerie had been anticipating this day for such a long time. Everything was just perfect Valerie walked down the isle and exchanged vows with Julio. Her and her girls were fighting back the tears, but a few snuck through as V+J said I do. After the ceremony we had some fun photographing the bridal party. The bridal party looked wonderful and the light just shinned on them perfectly creating some marvelous images. They are a very close group and we captured some laughs as they shared some moments with V+J. V+J responded to our direction and eachother with such ease and joyful love that the photos turned out stunning. The emotion and charm between V+J is remarkable. The reception was held at The Holiday Inn in Burbank. Inside the bar where the live band plays was some stylish black and white art. Luckily the band was just starting to set up so I was able to use the art as a backdrop for some ending shots with V+J. I was very happy with they way they turned out and can’t wait to share with V+J. Hope you both enjoyed your day as much as I did.

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