Friday, February 25, 2011

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I hear so often, right before we start shooting, “I am so nervous”. From a simple portrait, to an engagement session and of course weddings. I know it is easier said than done, but try and relax. You have hired a professional and they will guide you and tell you what to do so that you look your absolute best. If you are nervous, it will show. So just relax, trust your photographer and let them worry about the rest. Knowing and having a relationship with your photographer will help you relax and trust them. If you have already booked your photographer, I am sure you will have already established a connection. If you can’t meet in person, talk to them over the phone, follow them on twitter and facebook. Whatever helps make you feel comfortable with them! And if you still can't shake the jitters, sometimes a glass of champagne will help take off the edge, but not too much!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

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So excited to be featured on The Bride’s CafĂ© today! Not just one but a double feature! Thanks Janie for the love. I adore this feature of Ines + Manny with all the details that they put into their wedding. It was a pleasure working with everyone on this team. To view more of this feature and vendors click here and here.

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Top Left: with my obsession with vintage keys how could I not love theses escort cards via 100 layer cake Top Right: Paloma’s Nest new item, cuff links, don’t forget to check out the other awesome items they have Bottom Left: Super cute clothing inspiration for bridesmaids via Love and Lavendar Bottom Center: How delightful are these umbrellas from Bella Umbrella. Inspiration for another shoot! Plus this wedding by Gabriel Ryan Photographers is to die for! Bottom Right: In Love with this romper from BHLDN new line. Hoping someone will want to photograph in it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Gianna SanFilippo of Chic Celebrations is a remarkable event coordinator and one of the sweetest most heartfelt people I know! With such an open heart and friendly personality its no wonder she has a great rapport with her clients, making her the wonderful coordinator that she is! “I love seeing couples in love and walking them through the happiest time of their life.” She smiles.
Gianna started out her career as a banquet coordinator for a large corporate restaurant, where they held 3-5 weddings a year. Between those weddings, (that no one else wanted to handle, lucky for her) and her own wedding, Gianna knew that she wanted to pursue a career as a wedding coordinator. And thus Chic Celebrations was formed in 2006. Gianna started out with mainly corporate events from her previous contacts, knowing that it would lead her straight into weddings. When asked how she made it from the corporate world to taking the business plunge as a wedding coordinator she says “By staying determined, and not letting the discouraging moments turn into hours, weeks, months, years. I didn’t focus on what other people were doing, and stayed true to myself”. And thankfully for us she did.
Gianna’s style is very minimalist, timeless and classic look with a few pops of color. “I don’t want my clients to look back at their weddings and say "What was I thinking" she states. While Gianna incorporates the trends into each wedding, she stays true to the classic feel that her clients can look back on for years to come with enjoyment.

With her experience and ability to share that experience with her clients, Gianna is sure to create the wedding of your dreams. “I love sharing my experiences with my clients, getting to know their experiences and becoming friends” Gianna says. From the first moment she sits down with her clients Gianna is creating not just a relationship, but also a friendship. With planning such an important event Gianna wants to make sure that her and her clients mesh. “I like to make sure that we get each other and click.” Gianna says. Even if her style is different, she can make it work as long as there is a connection between her and the client.

When asked what is a typical wedding was for Gianna she laughs “Ha! There is no such thing as a typical wedding”. She walks each of her clients through their own planning process at a pace they are comfortable with, being their eyes and ears. “Some brides want a weekly update and progress report, while others want to meet once and check back in two weeks before the wedding” Gianna says.

Gianna revels to us that her least favorite part of the job is when it’s over. She falls in love with all her couples and becomes friends with them, having lunch and coffee dates long after the wedding is over. “I once teared up at the wedding because I knew I would no longer be talking to the bride everyday,” Gianna says.
Wondering what the benefits of hiring a wedding planner, Gianna tells all. “The knowledge base we come with. This is your first and hopefully only wedding to plan, while us planners have done hundreds. We come in handy from planning protocol to etiquette and we are a resource for brides. We make not just your day, but your planning pleasurable and relaxing. You can relish in your dinner, reception and company by letting us handle the minor stresses that happen so you can enjoy your day. We are a source of inspiration and information.”

Other than weddings and brides, Gianna loves movies, documentaries, jeopardy and traveling.

For your next event or wedding be sure to reach out to Gianna of Chic Celebrations, she will knock your socks off and melt your heart!

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loves me...omg! love the silver vintage key pendants from Tiffany & Co. So want the medium and small oval keys! I see a Christmas or Anniversary gift in my future! hehe My love for vintage keys in the form of a necklace from Tiffany's, how could I not want it!

loves me not...shooting in cold weather. buurrrr! I am sure my models don't like this one either, especially when they aren't bundled up. As fun and cute as this weekend's shoot was, it was freezing! So glad my models were amazing and toughed it out!

Friday, February 18, 2011

{friday photo tip | newborns}

Moms out there considering newborn portraits; the best time to photograph your precious bundle of joy is 2 weeks and under. The sooner the better, ideally we like to shoot around 3-10 days. The reason being, is baby will stay asleep longer and allows for us to pose in more unique positions to capture those adorable newbie shots that you will cherish for a lifetime! It is a difficult adjustment being new parents, and who wants to deal with having to prepare for a photoshoot after just three days. But, I promise it is worth it and your newborn images will be your most treasured moment.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

{thursday treats}

top left: wedding chicks sister site, on to baby, launched this week and is so adorable. bottom left: anthropologie launched their bridal line BHLDN and it is gorgeous. top right: how cute is this diy photo banner via wedding chicks. bottom right: love this traveling cupcake trailer from enjoy cupcakes, and my favorite photographer jose villa via style me pretty.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{love this | love story | valerie + scott}

Valerie & Scott meet over 10 years ago where there were both servers at Marie Calendars during undergrad school. They started as friends and through a little push from Val’s sister and WOW, the video game, their friendship soon flourished. Once school was done Valerie headed back to Orange County, but Scott made sure to stay in touch. “Scott would send me cute emails and we continued to play WOW, I remember one time he called to say he was in the area and invited me to Sushi” Val smiles. They continued seeing each other trading off every other weekend from OC to LA, with Val eventually moving to LA.
“I love that Val drinks dark beer, her drive to succeed, willingness to try new things, and the fact that she puts up with my idiosyncrasies, oh and her craft for making things.”
When asked where their first date was they both looked at each other in puzzlement, “I don’t know when our first date was, we just sorta hung out a lot and one thing led to another” Scott declares. After some thought, looking back and forth at each other and reminiscing, their first date comes back to them. “We watched the Dodger game and ordered pizza at Scott’s house.” Val laughs.

They went to many group activities with other friends, but Val and Scott remember their first group outing to Disneyland. “Scott bought me a rice crispy treat” “chocolate covered rice crispy treat” Scott chimes in “and he kept trying to ride all the rides with me.”
“I love Scott for his taste in beer (even though I can outdrink him), his passion for travel, that he teaches me new things, his excitement for Buzz Lightyear and his love for his grandmother.
Val & Scott remember their engagement the best, not because it was the most recent, but because it was an adventure. In August of 2007 Val and Scott were going to Hawaii on a cruise around all the islands. Scott decided this is when he was going to propose to Val. He first asked Val parents for their blessing, “I couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t let me go with him to visit MY parents, why can’t I go with you” she kept asking Scott.

Scott planned a custom 5 course dinner with a private chef on Maui beach at sunset and told the coordinator his plan to propose. The day has arrived and they are at the beach and Val looks at Scott “Why did you make me wear heels if we are going on the beach?” she grunts. “It’s just right here not far” as he points at the table wondering why there are three chairs set up. They head over to the table greeted by the chef who says I think you have the wrong table sir, Scott says no, gives him his name and the chef proceeds to say no, I just spoke to my client and they are 20 minutes out, there must be another table behind those rocks. So, Scott and Val (still in heels), hike around the beach trying to find their table, all while the sun is starting to set. Scott is getting nervous and Val is wondering why he is so nervous and thinking well if he is going to propose this is it. Scott calls the coordinator and explains that the chef isn’t here, she says oh let me call him right away. After a few phone calls back and forth the coordinator finally explains she can’t get a hold of the chef and apologizes, offering a refund and tells them to go to any restaurant they like and she will pick up the tab. “Well so much for my plan this isn’t going to happen now!” Scott thinks to himself. So they head back to town and go to a restaurant that the coordinator suggests. “When we get there the hostess asks do you have a reservation. No we tell her. Ehhh as her face scrunches, sorry we are completely booked, but there is another restaurant down the way.” A little past 8 and after a 25 minute wait the weary pair are finally seated at a table.
Scott thinks even though his plan didn’t work he still has the opportunity while they are in Hawaii to propose. He decided to just carry the ring with him. “I tucked the ring in the camera bag and never let the bag off my shoulder” he laughs.

The next day they drive around the island on Hana Highway in their rented convertible, passing one of the popular waterfalls, 3 Bears, they continue on to other hiking and sight seeing locations. On the way back to the ship Scott sees that 3 Bears is almost empty thinks this is perfect! He takes Vals hand and says “Come on lets go see this waterfall” Val feeling tired and gross says “No I am tired and done!” Scott convinces her to go and as they get down to the waters edge it is beautiful and empty and Scott knows this is the moment. “I tell her to look over at that waterfall while I grab the ring and get down on one knee” Scott says with excitement. “As I turned around I gasped, I thought you feel in the water” Val sequels. Scott asks her to marry him and she says yes, however, she can’t believe that was the moment “I was so gross and sweaty and dirty” she shakes her head.

Val and Scott were married on April 3, 2010. The best advice Scott and Val have for couples is to communicate! Val jokes “I have a bottle of vodka in the freezer too”. Be adventurous and try new things together, it will bring you closer, they both add.

Val and Scott love to drink beer (this is why Aldo loves them), every night they watch a TV show together. They enjoy Dodgers games, darts, shuffle board, and video games. “We are so competitive, we have to watch what we play, neither one of us likes to lose” Vals states. “We also like to bake, especially around the holidays, it’s a family tradition” Scott adds.

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Baby Noah Anthony Flores was born at 11:43am weighing in at 6 lbs 7 oz and 19 1/4 inches long. After a bit of adjusting for mom and dad we were able to photography baby Flores at 2 1/2 weeks, just in time! So excited to use some of my most recent finds from my flea market adventures. Love the scale and 7up crate and the images are absolutely adorable. Just what I had envisioned! Baby Flores fohawk is freaking awesome! Nice job on the fohawk mama Flores! It may have been a rather long tiring session for all of us, but it was so worth it!

{loves me | loves me not}

loves me: This week I have been craving french macaroons! But every time I go to a bakery to get some they are either out or closed. "sigh" I guess that is a good thing since I am trying to move the scale down, lol. Found some good finds at the flea market again. Love Pasadena and Long Beach flea market!

loves me not: Los Angeles drivers, get off your phones, stay in your lane and don't go 40mph in the fast lane when there is no traffic!

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