Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Gianna SanFilippo of Chic Celebrations is a remarkable event coordinator and one of the sweetest most heartfelt people I know! With such an open heart and friendly personality its no wonder she has a great rapport with her clients, making her the wonderful coordinator that she is! “I love seeing couples in love and walking them through the happiest time of their life.” She smiles.
Gianna started out her career as a banquet coordinator for a large corporate restaurant, where they held 3-5 weddings a year. Between those weddings, (that no one else wanted to handle, lucky for her) and her own wedding, Gianna knew that she wanted to pursue a career as a wedding coordinator. And thus Chic Celebrations was formed in 2006. Gianna started out with mainly corporate events from her previous contacts, knowing that it would lead her straight into weddings. When asked how she made it from the corporate world to taking the business plunge as a wedding coordinator she says “By staying determined, and not letting the discouraging moments turn into hours, weeks, months, years. I didn’t focus on what other people were doing, and stayed true to myself”. And thankfully for us she did.
Gianna’s style is very minimalist, timeless and classic look with a few pops of color. “I don’t want my clients to look back at their weddings and say "What was I thinking" she states. While Gianna incorporates the trends into each wedding, she stays true to the classic feel that her clients can look back on for years to come with enjoyment.

With her experience and ability to share that experience with her clients, Gianna is sure to create the wedding of your dreams. “I love sharing my experiences with my clients, getting to know their experiences and becoming friends” Gianna says. From the first moment she sits down with her clients Gianna is creating not just a relationship, but also a friendship. With planning such an important event Gianna wants to make sure that her and her clients mesh. “I like to make sure that we get each other and click.” Gianna says. Even if her style is different, she can make it work as long as there is a connection between her and the client.

When asked what is a typical wedding was for Gianna she laughs “Ha! There is no such thing as a typical wedding”. She walks each of her clients through their own planning process at a pace they are comfortable with, being their eyes and ears. “Some brides want a weekly update and progress report, while others want to meet once and check back in two weeks before the wedding” Gianna says.

Gianna revels to us that her least favorite part of the job is when it’s over. She falls in love with all her couples and becomes friends with them, having lunch and coffee dates long after the wedding is over. “I once teared up at the wedding because I knew I would no longer be talking to the bride everyday,” Gianna says.
Wondering what the benefits of hiring a wedding planner, Gianna tells all. “The knowledge base we come with. This is your first and hopefully only wedding to plan, while us planners have done hundreds. We come in handy from planning protocol to etiquette and we are a resource for brides. We make not just your day, but your planning pleasurable and relaxing. You can relish in your dinner, reception and company by letting us handle the minor stresses that happen so you can enjoy your day. We are a source of inspiration and information.”

Other than weddings and brides, Gianna loves movies, documentaries, jeopardy and traveling.

For your next event or wedding be sure to reach out to Gianna of Chic Celebrations, she will knock your socks off and melt your heart!

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