Sunday, August 8, 2010

{danielle + dj | e-session}

A few weeks ago on one of my trips to San Diego, I had the pleasure of photographing Danielle + DJ. I have known DJ for a couple years now; we had meet at various parties and such through Blondie (aka Margaret, which many of you have met or at least heard of). I met Danielle for the first time the day of the shoot. For the past two years DJ has been working as a firefighter and now he is going back to school to be a nurse! Danielle is a social worker and just as adorable as can be. D + D were so sweet and romantic together, with an added flare of goofiness.
DJ received one of the gift certificates sent out with our name change promo from Margaret. He immediately called me to schedule a time since he had seen my work and loved it. After a few months of trying to sync up schedules and locations we finally set a date. D+D live in San Diego so I gave them the option to shoot in Los Angeles and I can scout out a location or if they wanted to shoot in San Diego they could scout out a location. They decided to shoot in San Diego and look for a location. They both mentioned they like nature and earthy neutral tones. Together we decided that an open field would be perfect fit for them. D + D found us a wonderful spot. They loved the tall grass and the whimsical trees from the open field, and I must say it was a fabulous spot. Up the street was another location that was amazing as well. So we had a few locations that worked out perfectly.

I have been dying to shoot in an open field and was ecstatic about the shoot. I was even more stoked when chatting with Danielle she mentioned she wanted to use a chalkboard with some writing. I then thought of the thousands of pinwheels that Blondie had made for me! This was going to be a fun stylized shoot. I referred her to and Anthropologie to get some ideas of what we were going for in regards to clothing and style.

Prior to the shoot, DJ made the mistake about telling me how he used to tease Danielle about Slap-a-ho tribe. I thought this was hilarious and told him I was going to have a hard time keeping it together during some of the poses when we ask her to put her hand on his cheek. However, I did hold it together very professionally, but Danielle and DJ did not. Apparently, DJ had warned Danielle, so when I went to ask her to put her hand on DJ’s cheek, she gestured to slap him and DJ yelled out Slap a ho, lol. Best moment! Well, other than the crazy chick squatting in the barn area where we were shooting. She kept yelling out DJ’s name and screaming obscenities. We got out of that location very quickly, but not before the chick went berserk and threw a water bottle near out direction. DJ still swears he had no idea who the chick was, but Danielle and I still aren’t convinced, lol.

Everything worked out fantastically and the images came out amazing. We had a great time working with you guys and can’t wait to see you again.


  1. love love love your work! you captured dj's incredible handsomeness:)

  2. Loved them all - hysterical story about the woman throwing things at the barn.

  3. I love the artistic ability invested in the beautiful photo's of the lovely Danielle and DJ. The way the tree's are used (we love tree's)without washing out the couple to be is wonderful!They certainly photograph well! :)

    XO, Bird

  4. These are Great!! I love that you got a shoe shot in there! And that expression on your face in the 9th (?) shot....priceless. You are a beautiful couple, yes indeed!

  5. A beautiful job capturing love and spirit. Oh and Danielles "attitude" My favorites have to be those with the blue colors in them. You have captured more than a moment in time. Awesome work.

  6. Amazing photos! I love the random placement and angles! Beautiful subjects! - Melissa

  7. Where in San Diego is this field located? I've been looking for a place like this to do my senior pictures.


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