Thursday, April 28, 2011

{thursday treats}

Left: I love this dress and shoot from Watters Fall 2011 collection via The Lovely! Top Center: Love the elegance and drama from this image. Gives me great shoot inspiration via Wabi & Sabi from Editorial Epitome Top Right: This little girl is adorable! Can’t decide if it reminds me of me as a little girl, or if this is what my daughter (if I have one) would look like. Click here to purchase this cute dress. photo credit: Bellini Portraits. Bottom Center: Hoping to take a trip to Paris in 2012 for Blondie’s big 30 and this pillow was a cute reminder via The Willows Bottom Left: Cotton Candy Martini... really... what more do I need to say!! Thanks to Chronicles of Beauty I know exactly what I'll be drinking this weekend!

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