Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{jamie + rudy | engagement | torrance}

Jamie and Rudy are so smitten! I love their sweet and tender moments together followed by huge laughs! Just my kinda couple. Plus, they are big foodies! I loved hearing about all their favorite places to eat, got some good ideas of places to try when Aldo and I are out for date night! Now, if only I can remember them, hehe. Rudy took a bit to get warmed up for the session, but once he and Aldo bonded over beer and food, it was just another good time hanging out with friends. Jamie and Rudy decided to do their engagement session in Torrance. Turns out that Rudy and I attended the same High School. Small world! Jamie is a Valley girl (well she at least grew up here in the Valley) and just recently moved to the South Bay with Rudy. Still trying to adjust to the beach life, but I know she will love it in no time! Can't beat the weather! With the two of them starting their new lives together in Torrance, we decided to start off in old Torrance for a little urban feel and then headed down to the beach for a perfect view! I hope you two had as much fun as we did! ;-)

Thanks Sara (At Your Door Events) for referring such a darling couple! We can't wait for the big day!

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