Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{romeo | portrait | newborn}

Little Romeo is just so precious. At 2 weeks old Romeo was already alert and far to captivated by the world around him to want to sleep. Once we got him to pass out he was an amazing model. However, he didn't hide his feelings (much like Dad) and in the very first shot I took of him he flipped me off, classic, lol.  And yes I captured it, below. In addition to the rebel shot I was able to capture an amazing shot of him and dad with his new tattoo, designed by Todd Gallopo. Pretty cool. I love the style of the nursery, while only partial done, because Romeo was a tad early, the room is still so welcoming and adorable. Eden with Sugar and Charm always amazes me with her talents and style. LOVE it and love you all! Thank you for letting us be a part of one of the biggest moments in life, looking forward to watching the little rebel grow!

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  1. AMAZING AS ALWAYS!! Krista, your pics of Sweet Baby Romeo are just priceless. And he was only flippin' you off because he likes Pepsi, not Coke!! ha You're the best and we can't thank you and Aldo enough for blessing us with your talents!


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