Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{mirna + brian | engagement | malibu}

I love this couple and their engagement session! Mirna and Brian were so fun and sweet and the lighting in the field was just perfect. What a wonderful combo! I love Mirna's spunky attitude and her love for Brian just shines through as you can see. Brian is pretty awesome as well and they are a perfect match for each other! We had lots of adventures with this session, we got to see deer and what at first looked like sacrificial cult meeting (turned out to be a reenactment of something, but had us worried for a min, lol). No worries the deer were just fine! Needless to say we got some amazing images and had a blast! You two are just gorgeous and Aldo and I had a fantastic time with you guys and can't wait to get together again....soon! Plus can't wait for the big day, it is going to be amazing!


  1. Love this couple! Love my Godson/favorite nephew! And now a new niece that I also love!
    Amazing pictures but what do you expect with such great subjects!Love the one where Mirna is laughing. Can't wait for the big day!

  2. These are so beautiful!!!!! Love you guys so much!! Can't wait for the big day and all of the fun events leading up to it!!! xoxoxo
    Caryn and Burk

  3. Wow! This couple are really cute and happy. Expect their big day!


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