Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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A few of mapril favy favorite things...

I love vintage - you name it if it's vintage I'm loving it! However, I'm still trying to figure out how to rock the vintage look. Maybe my lovely stylist, and awesome friend, Jen will help me figure it out! (HINT HINT!!)

As part of the vintage style, I'm dying to photograph in an open field with tall grass and weeds. I have also been wanting to photograph a couple in the rain!!!! So if any of you are interested in a portrait in open fields or rain let me know.

When I'm in need of inspiration my two favorite sites are GreenWeddingShoes and StyleMePretty! I love looking at the images and creativity of the photo shoots and weddings. I highly recommend the sites for inspiration for a clients point of view as well. Even if you are just having portraits, the character and style is fun and delightful.

I have severe allergies that cause me to loose my sense of smell. Sad I know, but I don't miss it until those rare occasions that I can smell. And then the world is this amazingly different place. Good and bad I know because with the wonderful smells come not so pleasant ones. One of my all time favorite smells is Japanese Cherry blossom from Bath and Body works. I just love the smell and it matches my body perfectly. I have to say I smell o so yummy, lol.

In addition to the Japanese Cherry Blossom smell, I love when the cherry blossom trees start to bloom. The view evokes a very peaceful pleasant sensation for me, and I think they are so pretty!

I watched The Blind side and fell in love with Sandra Bullock's character. I found the movie very inspirational and I really connected with Bullock's character. She sure did deserve that award!

And while I know I'm not supposed to eat them I can't help myself and have to admit that I'm addicted to cupcakes! My favorites come from Yummy Cupcakes! I can't pin point one thing that makes them more awesome than the rest but trust me I'm never disappointed!

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