Thursday, April 22, 2010

{johnson | portrait}

I love getting to watch how families grow and change. The Johnson family is a great example of that. A while back we photographed Mommy with little Niko in her tummy. A couple of weeks ago (I know I am behind in blogging, ekk) I had the pleasure of photographing the Johnson family. Little Niko is now 6 months and is so adorable and fun. He just loves to laugh and play. Aldo and I had a blast with Niko and his little jolly personality makes us all giggle with him. It was funny to watch him play with the mulch and discover he didn’t like the taste of it after all. The grass on the other hand was a different story, ha ha ha. We had a great session and the light was perfect as well as the subjects. They are such a laid back, loving family, which makes for such a fun to photo session.

Don't forget to click on the images to view them larger. Enjoy

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  1. What a beautiful family. You can feel the love radiating from each picture. Well done!


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