Monday, April 26, 2010

{jennifer + mike | e-session}

A few weeks back I photographed Jennifer and Mike for their engagement session in Santa Barbara. Jennifer and Mike are from Northern California and they meet each other while going to school in Santa Barbara. So we decided to have their engagement in Santa Barbara as well. Jennifer and Mile will be having their wedding at Four Seasons in Santa Barbara. I can’t wait to photograph there, such a beautiful location! We started the session off at the Fours Seasons Hotel where Jennifer and Mike were staying for the week to finalize the details and vendors for the wedding. We got some fun images of the cute couple riding bikes, well pseudo riding the bikes. You know how they say it’s like ridding a bike, it will come back to you. Well Jennifer will highly disagree with that statement, lol. Riding a bike again takes some work and is a bit splotchy when coming back to you, lol. It was also super cold, and poor Jennifer was freezing, but she toughed it out and we got some cute shots. We then headed to downtown Santa Barbara to the Court House and State Street where Jennifer and Mike used to hang out in their college days. I was amazed at the amount of traffic and driving skills in downtown Santa Barbara. I thought LA drivers were the worst, so not true, lol. I don’t know how people who work or live downtown deal with all the traffic and chaos everyday. Yikes. Mike says you get used to it (which I am sure is true) or you learn to ride a bike everywhere. We walked around all the restaurants and shops and I got to hear about all their experiences at many of the spots on State Street, lol. Sounds like they had a great collage experience, lol. Well, I hope you guys had fun and made it to your dinner reservations afterwards. Looking forward to seeing you guys in July!

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