Friday, April 30, 2010

{krystene & tony | part 1 | portraits}

Krystene and Tony are friends of Aldo and mine, as well as one of my best friend’s roomies. Krystene is known as NF. This is because when we meet Krystene (NF), Aldo and I had a strict policy that we won’t photograph friends. As we were being introduced at a party, Blondie (Margaret) said to Krystene “don’t be friends with them or they won’t photograph your wedding”, lol. So, since then, Krystene and I and Tony and Aldo have all called each other non-friend and over the years it has come down to NF, lol. Even though we have budged on our “non-photographing friends wedding” policy we still call each other NF’s. Tony’s nickname however, has become Sancho, and you will just have to wait for Part 2 of NF and Sancho’s portrait session to find out why. We had the pleasure of already photographing Krystene and her roomies previously at one of our portrait day’s, unfortunately, due to Tony’s work schedule he was unable to make it. When NF received our name change announcement with the gift certificate for a free portrait session she immediately called me to schedule a session with her and Tony. NF and Sancho had their session scheduled two months in advance and we were all so excited when the day came. The weather however, had other plans for us. It was scheduled to have thunderstorms the day before and the day after. So I called NF (who is from San Diego) and asked if they still wanted to take the chance in the rain or reschedule. They decided to take the chance. I was super excited because our original plan was to shoot in an open field and the back-up plan was to shoot in the rain. So for those of you who read about my April Fav’s you can imagine how stoked I was. YAY! But again the weather had different plans, lol. The good news was it didn’t rain! The bad news was it was so cold and so windy it was difficult to shoot and poor NF and Sancho were freezing. So much so that in one of the shots posted below NF has her fists clenched because it was so cold. It looks like her and Sancho are about to fist fight, lol. So this is Part 1 of NF and Sancho’s portrait session. We decided to reschedule for a not so cold and windy day. The tight shoulders and clenched fist just wasn’t working for the feeling we were going for, lol. Even though the weather didn’t have the same plans as us we had a fun time and I am looking forward to Part 2 of NF and Sancho’s portrait

Don't forget to click on the images to view them larger. Enjoy


  1. O they look so cold!! But the pictures still came out great. I can't wait for part 2!

  2. I can't wait for part 2! We had so much fun NF even though we were freezing! Lol I totally look like I"m going to punch Ton!!

  3. Part 2 is gonna be awesome!!!!! I mean, Dang it was COLD out there!!! I cant wait to get up there again and take some awesome pictures!!! The pictures did come out great though. I love the one of us kissing in front of the mountain.


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