Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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I love this idea of having pantone colors for your wedding. Especially since part of my background comes from the design industry, where pantone chips are the Gods, lol. I have always thought they should do something like this since so many couples, well lets be honest here, brides, are trying to match colors and often times it just doesn’t all come together. Hopefully soon all the vendors will be on the same page and use pantone colors so everything will be in perfect color harmony. In the meantime, I am loving the pantone chips and books that dressy.com is offering. Each card is divided into 14 chips of the chosen color which can be provided to anyone with color related tasks, such as invitations, cake decoration, flowers and more. Another great tool is if you haven’t picked out your colors they have the Pantone Wedding Color Fan Guide, which offers 194 color options to help you decide. In addition to the chips and books they have an inspiration style board online where you can design a board using your favorite colors, styles and accessories. A definite must have for every bride no matter how big or small the budget!

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  1. love this idea too! and i love that you're getting so well at blogging. heart u!


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