Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{holland | portrait | kids}

These two babies are absolutely adorable! I had the chance to work with Sara (At Your Door Events) for a wedding a while back and now I had the opportunity to photograph her beautiful family. Such a lovely family, and the kids are just too cute for words!! I love the genuineness and playfulness of this session with the urban setting. Can't wait to photograph little Lily's wedding, since mom has trained her well and Lily wants to be married when she grows up, lol.


  1. KRISTA!!!!!!! I'm dying! These are absolutely amazing! You are beyond talented. Thank you so much for capturing my little family in such a beautiful and candid way. These priceless photos will forever be a part of our most valuable treasures.

  2. Krista,

    Awesome pictures! I don’t get tired of looking at them. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job!

    Love, Linda (Grammy)

  3. I love the pics!!! You Holland's look like super models - every single one of you!

    Great job Krista - you have a wonderful eye!

    tia alex

  4. Gorgeous! These photographs are amazing...I can't stop looking at them. They really capture the true beauty of the Holland family. You guys all look fabulous!

    Paul and Kim

  5. Amazing as usual! These turned out so great! Glad I could introduce you guys. :)
    Can't wait to get my newborn pics done next year, she always knows how to capture a moment and bring it to life in a photo.

  6. Excellent setting, great lighting and gorgeous smiles! Are those pink, plastic shoes Lilly is wearing?!?! Gotta get the book!


  7. These pictures are amazing. Sara, your dad would be so proud of you all. Your family came out so beautiful. It brings tears into my eyes seeing the four of you.

  8. what a great photo session. The kids are getting so big!

  9. OMG these pictures are in the category of a picture saids a thousand words.
    Sara you look beautiful.
    Mel looks so sophisticated with his hat.
    Lilly looks so happy.
    and lil Mel looks amazing I could kiss him.
    I love you guys you look GREAT.

  10. oh my goodness! the pictures are adorable! Precious babies and good looking parents make the photos look fabulous!

  11. What an amazing artist, thank you for sharing. These portraits capture the pure joy of a happy family :)

  12. Gorgeous babies, beautiful family, fabulous pictures!
    You made my day.
    Sylvia Barrios-Garza

  13. Omg......just PERFECT!!!!!! Beautiful parents make beautiful kids. The shots are natural looking. Love them.
    Tia Vero ;)

  14. Awesome pictures, Guys! Lily and Tre's personalities jump out of the photos.

    Mel: these photos make me think hard about the conversation at Stone Brewery! Ha!

    Beautiful family, Sara and Mel!

    Much love,

    Derrick S.

  15. These pictures are amazing!!! I can not stop looking at them!

    <3 Alina

  16. Precious Family. Can't believe how big the kids are now. Great captured moments. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Fantastic pictures! Urban setting is reserved for peeps straight outta HP baby! LOL

    Tio Me

  18. Great pics! Awesome family!!!

    Love & kisses;

    Eduardo & Lupita

  19. Sara - These pictures are amazing! What a gorgeous family! Miss you guys and hope to get to meet your handsome husband sometime soon. Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Marit

  20. These photos are amazing! What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing Sarita! I absolutely LOVE them :)


  21. Wow! What am amazing job!I can't stop going back to look at them! Krista, will you please come up and do mine?!!!

    Cousin Sarah

  22. Sara...these pics are awesome...beatiful...who, how, where,I want some with my munchkins...:)

  23. Hi Sarita- The pictures look beautiful! looks like you all had fun taking them and kudos to your photographer! take care, Sofia

  24. Sara, these pictures are awesome, beautiful, and memorable. You guys look so good! Your beautiful and Mel's smile is so GQ! The kids are so precious! I love, love the pics! I can't stop looking at them. I would love to take some pictures like that of my munchkins and hubby. Great photographer! She captured the beauty and pureness of a smile and family. Love it!
    ~jennifer C.

  25. You guys look Amazing! Love you

  26. Pictures are beyond amazing! The kids are natural models! Looking at the pictures makes me smile. The happiness comes shinning through! Great job Krita!


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