Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{roxie | portrait | romantic and rock n' roll | los angeles}

Love this impromptu session with the lovely Roxie. When she reached out to me and said she wanted to do two looks “Soft Roxie” and “Rock n’ Roll Roxie” I jumped all over it.  A little bit of the soft romantic look with the hard edgy urban look is right up my alley and true to my style. Both looks are not only Roxie’s true persona and style, but mine as well.  So this session hit true to my heart and soul, plus I adore Roxie. Major props go out to Beautified by Angela who did both looks for the session. She not only did an amazing job on Roxie’s hair and make-up, but changed from soft to rock in under 20 mins on location in the back seat (amazing talent)! Love a good stylist that can roll with the punches and challenges of the day! Rox thanks for sharing your two sides with us and showing the world we can have different styles inside of us and still be true! xoxo

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