Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{ryu | newborn | portrait}

How adorable is this sweet little family! The Kobayashi's are friends of family and I was thrilled to photograph them and the newest addition to the family, Baby Ryu! Little Hannah is a ham and was just amazing. She is so sweet and loving with baby Ryu, I couldn't get enough. Ryu, had a different plan for the session than the rest of us, by staying awake. The poor little tike didn't sleep at all. I am sure he passed out and slept all night, I tell you modeling is rough! Luckily we still got some adorable family shots and a few of baby Ryu. Best of all we got some amazing shots of Hannah, who found the pink tutu in our props and never wanted to take it off, lol. It was a fun session and I was happy to capture the Kobayashi family! Looking forward to watching baby Ryu and little Hannah grow! ;-)

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