Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{witkin | family portrait | valencia}

I am so excited to share the Witkin family portrait session with you! They are one of the sweetest families I have had the pleasure of working with. The last time I photographed them was for Matt's Bar Mitzvah, two years ago and the boys have grown so much. Matt in particular, I didn't even recognize him, lol. Amazing how they all grow up so fast! And, they added a new addition to the family, the puppy. He was so adorable, just the pup I want! I love the location, one of my favorites, a little open field with some rustic elements is just perfect. So many options. Unfortunately, for all of us it was 104 degrees in Valencia that day! ekkkkk! Needless to say we were all sweaty and hot, but the Witkins were all big troopers (another reason I love them). They beat the heat and we had an amazing session. Well most of them, the newest addition to the family decided he was having nothing to do with it and refused to stand anywhere but the shade. Smart pup! Besides the almost unbearable heat we had a fantastic time and got some amazing images of the charming Witkin family! I love their energy and family dynamic and I have to say the joyful running image is one of my favorites and is what this family is all about. Can't wait to see you all for Brandon's Bar Mitzvah.

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